About Us

About Us

Rehovot Engineering Products commenced its business in the year 2018; REP has started offering solutions for all kind of machinery manufacturing industries. REP has setup their factories at GN mills and Pollachi, Coimbatore with an aim of providing the world class engineering solutions catering to Domestics & MNCs.

Our Company is managed by young talented team of professionals, main focus on Customer delight, Cost, Quality and Delivery.

Supported by highly experienced and knowledgeable manufacturing team of professionals have helped us in constantly supplying our clients with premium quality products and Sub assemblies that match with the specifications provided by them. Our ethical business practices and proactive approach will be helped us in establishing a large clientele across the world.

Our Infrastruture :

Laser Cutting Machine
Iron Worker Machine
Press Brake
DRO Milling Machine
EDM Drilling and Wirecutting Machine
Conventional Machine Shop
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • CNC Bending Machine
  • Iron Worker Machine
  • CNC Edm Wirecut Machine
  • CNC Edm Drilling Machine
  • DRO Milling Machine
  • Spot Welding Machine 
  • Projection Welding Machine
  • Mechanical Press Upto 100 tons
  • Hydraulic Press upto 100 tons
  • Conventional Lathe Setup
  • Conventional Milling Machine
  • Conventional Drilling Machine
  • MIG,TIG,ARC Welding Machine
  • Gas Cutting Machine
  • Rolling Machine

Our Vision

To become a company that constantly strives for quality and customer satisfaction by providing best engineering products and solutions with global benchmarks and to be a company which integrates Health, Safety and Environmental considerations into all its business decisions and activities, such there will be

To excel with an emphasis on best business and ethical practice with strong
organizational values justifying the interest of all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To work relentlessly towards coming closer to our vision statement by offering best working environment and training focusing on integrity and ethics.

To empower the workforce to offer products and services that exceeds customer expectations by providing value for money and ensure handsome return to our employees and shareholders.

To create a safe workplace by reducing injuries, accidents and environmental
impact for current and future generations.

Our Values


Promoting a culture of innovation will ensure that we always retain a leader in Industries


We value our relationships with customers, so it’s a priority to go that extra mile to cater to their needs intuitively.


We deliver uncompromised and top-notch quality consistently to all those who share vested interests.


Our aim is to grow exponentially as an organization by seizing opportunities as quickly as they arise.


Collaborating with each other will lead to greater synergy and higher efficiency.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of all undertakings in our relationships with stakeholders.


Being judicious in the way we manage our costs will give us a competitive edge and make us resilient.

Our main focus on

We are committed to

We are manufacturing parts in following categories

  • Sheet Metal fabrication – Light & Heavy
  • Sheet Metal Assemblies
  • Press Components & Press Tools
  • Deep Draw parts & Deep Draw Tools
  • Spot welding& Projection welding parts.
  • Sheet metal Rolled parts
  • Machined components & Machining assemblies
  • GDC Tools & Parts
  • Pattern and Core boxes
  • All type of Castings – Sand, Shell & Investment (Out Source)
  • Steel Forged Parts (Out Source)

We are Manufacturers of the Following Machineries

  • Spot and Projection Welding Machines
  • Shell Core Shooter machines
  • Shell Molding machines
  • Textile Printing – Fusing machines
  • Special Purpose Machines

We cater to all major sectors

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